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"Cultural institutions are important economic engines that complement travel and tourism efforts and make our cities and towns attractive destinations. They provide jobs in the creative economy and generate activities that in turn help attract and retain the innovative entrepreneurial class that creates jobs."


- Byron O. Champlin, AVP-Program Officer, Lincoln Financial Group

Why Support the Arts?


    • Ground us in our past, celebrate the present and inspire our future.


     • Bring people together.  Participating in the Arts educates and inspires us, and deepens our relationship with one another through shared cultural experiences.


     • Help children learn and prepare for the future, and foster innovative thinking, problem-solving and communications skills.


     • Provide creative solutions to complex social, economic and civic problems.


     • Contribute to downtown revitalization and vibrant cities and towns.


     • Are fundamental to a healthy economy, drawing new dollars into the State through tourism and the sale of New Hampshire’s unique cultural goods and experiences.


     • Support and create jobs.


     • Are a wise investment of public funding.




NHCFA pursues a vibrant and sustainable arts sector through education, enlightened public policy and public funding in support of the arts.




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