The arts are important for the education of our children, the vitality of our towns and cities, the health of our economy, and the enjoyment of our citizens. NH Citizens for the Arts invites you to join us as an advocate for appropriate government investment in the arts: to create an atmosphere where the arts can flourish, and to strengthen opportunities for participation in the arts across our state. This web site will give you up-to-date information on legislation affecting the arts, and tools to become an effective advocate.


UPDATE: Please note our recent change of mailing address: NH Citizens for the Arts, PO Box 4176, Concord NH 03302-4176.

Here’s a progress report for NH Citizens for the Arts this year, with good news and a challenge for the years ahead. We invite you to support our work on behalf of the arts in New Hampshire with your membership!

  • NHCFA quashed another attempt to eliminate the Dept. of Cultural Resources and defund the Arts Council. Legislators were impressed with our well-organized testimony describing the value of the arts and the impact of state funding, so essential to the cultural and economic vitality of our communities. We believe we have finally buried this threat.
  • Following Governor Hassan’s initial budget recommendation, the NH Legislature passed an appropriation for the Arts Council that increased funding for FY14 by 11.8%. After years of cuts that severely reduced the Council’s staff and chipped away at its programs and services, this was a real victory. We are grateful to the Governor for her leadership, and to legislators of both parties who supported the increase.
  • With the help of our excellent lobbyist, NHCFA was involved at every step through the budget process, from providing the Governor with timely information to persuading key legislators to hold on to the increase. Although modest, this increase makes a difference to the arts community.
  • However, in a recent report from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, even with the increase New Hampshire ranks only 43rd in per capita funding for the arts—7th from the bottom among the states. This gives us a clear challenge for the next few years: Enlisting the help of arts organizations, artists, arts educators, creative economy and economic development leaders, and people who love and participate in the arts across the state, NHCFA will work to get NH out of the basement of public arts funding and into a position of respectability between our neighbors on either side (Maine is 34th and Vermont is 16th). In the 1980s, advocacy got us to 33rd in the nation. We know we can do better!

Our History:

NHCFA was founded more than 30 years ago, NH Citizens for the Arts is a statewide non-partisan organization that advocates for development and support of the arts, representing all of the cultural resources of our state.

What do we do?

AWARENESS: NHCFA works to educate local, state and federal policy makers and the general public about the importance of the arts in NH: for the education of our children, the vitality of our towns and cities, the health of our economy, and the inspiration and enjoyment of all our citizens.

ADVOCACY: NHCFA advocates for appropriate government support for the arts in order to strengthen opportunities for participation in the arts for all citizens.

ACTION: NHCFA identifies and monitors issues directly affecting the arts, and supports political action to encourage legislation that makes it possible for the arts to thrive. Our first priority is to support and increase the state appropriation for the NH State Council on the Arts. We also work to keep federal arts money coming to New Hampshire through the National Endowment for the Arts; to preserve the state’s Percent for Art Program; and to support the preservation of historic cultural buildings.

What can YOU do?

JOIN US! NH Citizens for the Arts is volunteer-run and supported by membership donations from individuals and organizations.

As a member of NHCFA, you will be an informed advocate working for the arts in your town, your schools, and your state. You will receive email Action Alerts to keep you up to date and legislation and other important arts issues, and you will be invited to our Annual Meeting or other occasional gatherings to raise awareness and foster public interest in the arts.

Your membership helps to carry out this important work and ensure a vibrant arts community. Please take a few minutes to fill out and return the membership form at Join Us! Your investment in NH Citizens for the Arts is an investment in the future of the arts in New Hampshire.

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