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What Are The 3 Major Types Of Art

What are the 3 Major Types Of Art

Life within the planet isn’t determined solely by the three important components; there is more to this world that needs exploring in order to promote healthy living. Happiness wouldn’t have been of the same degree if you were to see your surroundings in monochrome forever. The colors have given you a better idea of how every piece of nature looks like. Therefore, you must learn more about the hues that cover this entire planet so that you aren’t confined to the walls of your home. Art is the oxygen to the small world you build for yourself.

You may not have realized the importance until now because it has been providing you with varieties for a long time. Art has become an indispensable part of our lives that one cannot imagine a long period without being exposed to fine works. There wouldn’t have been any significance to all other technical sides if the world was devoid of art. Let us look at the different types of art that have played crucial roles in building our creativity.

1. Paintings

If you have been to galleries and exhibitions, you will most probably love paintings. The burst of colors on canvases convey messages and the spirit of the visuals through the broad and thin strokes. Applying pigments to the blank sheet will keep adding more layers to the story being said through the painting. Many people consider paintings as one of the lowest forms of art that haven’t been accepted worldwide. Several such communities have trivialized the efforts of artists so much so that the upcoming audiences are also being demotivated. However, the world has changed over the years to accept paintings as one of the best forms of art.


2. Drawings

When there are no colors to communicate, you learn to see the various dimensions of the shapes on the paper. Drawings are the next best type of art, and people have been promoting it for the longest time. Although children are encouraged at their young age, they often lose their interest in creating masterpieces out of pencils. As drawings evolved over the centuries, the scope of this area of art has broadened to such a great extent that millions of people across the globe pursue their career in drawing.

3. Photography

There wouldn’t be a single soul that doesn’t get mesmerized by the clicks on the camera. Even the less classy pictures make a lasting impact that the best ones in the world are too brilliant to be overlooked. Photography is one form of art that many people think of as a skill rather than a talent. With more people coming into the field, competition is rising immensely. You can see thousands of new photography posts on social media every day, but it is only the superlative ones that grab our attention.

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